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Australian Textile Mills (ATM) is the premier Australian textile manufacturing company, leading the way in the manufacture and supply of innovative and decorative textiles including window furnishings and high performance, life protective fabrics.


Where We’ve Come From


Bruck Fabrics, our mill in Wangaratta, was established in 1946. It began as a key manufacture and supply house of furnishing and apparel fabrics for fashion markets. The business model has successfully transformed a number of times since 1946, adapting to the changing global and economic trends of the time.


Today, the site trades as Australian Textile Mills, which was acquired in 2014. As a textile supplier, ATM invests regularly in state-of-the-art textile manufacturing equipment. ATM has a Testa Automation Inspection machine which includes computerised fault mapping equipment, a robotic fabric rolling, cutting and wrapping system, a new paste coating line, new finishing stenters, and warping and weaving equipment for anti-ballistic fabrics, with a fully equipped testing laboratory.


Where We Are Heading


Our aim as a textile manufacturing company is to maintain our ongoing commitment to high environmental standards. Through continuous improvement of our processes, we tirelessly work towards remaining the industry leader in minimising waste with the responsible management of our water, energy and industrial waste.


We take our responsibility as a leading textile supplier in Australia very seriously. ATM is proud to have held ISO 9001 Accredited Quality System certification for many continuous years assuring consistency of quality to customers and end users.


This extends to our OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certification, which guarantees our compliance in using only environmentally approved chemicals in the manufacture of our textile products.


We understand the importance for our customers of dealing with a reliable fabric supplier, committed to high quality and environmental standards to enhance their complete satisfaction.